Andy Murray gets new Wimbledon doubles offer as star shares regret – EXCLUSIVE | Tennis | Sport

And Barty paid a tribute of her own to the two-time Olympic champion. “Andy has had an incredible career, I have so much respect for him. He deserves all of the accolades he receives; he has done so much for our sport. Personally, Andy has always been very kind to me. I value our friendship and wish Andy and his family all the best for whatever comes next. He will be missed on the tour,” she said.

But the retired former No. 1 believes that British tennis is in good hands, especially with the return of Raducanu. Barty continued: “I think there is some really good depth on both the women’s and the men’s side. I have enjoyed watching some of the young players this week. I’ve watched Emma’s matches and I think everyone has loved seeing her back out on the court healthy and fighting to win matches.”

Barty has been getting up to some interesting activities in her retirement. Last week, the 28-year-old took to Wimbledon Piazza and King’s Cross to hand out Australian Tim Tam biscuits to the public ahead of their wider UK rollout. “Tim Tam is the best chocolate biscuit in the world I know we have a lot of great rivalries with the Brits, but the chocolate biscuit award goes to the Aussies,” she joked. “I’m a big fan of Tim Tam Original – you can’t go wrong with the classic.”

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