England fans uncover surprising secret in unique Dortmund pub before Euro 2024 semi-final | World | News

Tonight, England will face off against the Netherlands in a decisive match to determine who will join Spain in the Euro 2024 final. As the city of Dortmund prepares to host the clash, thousands of England fans are expected to descend upon its bars, pubs and taverns.

Amongst these venues is the New Crown, which may surprise many patrons with its familiar feel and pint sizes. However, The New Crown, owned by Paul Moss, holds a unique secret that has been drawing customers for around five years.

The pub is an authentic British establishment, originally located in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, before being relocated to Dortmund in 2019.

After purchasing the venue, Mr Moss had all its fixtures, fittings and furnishings transported to Germany, where he has resided since the 1990s.

Despite opening in 2021 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and enduring various restrictions, the pub has managed to survive until now.

When asked by The Times why he decided to transplant a British pub into a German city, Mr Moss cited his dislike for the aesthetic of German bars, stating: “I hate German bars because they’re all a bit sterile, shiny and covered in chrome.”

On the unique charm of his establishment, Mr Moss remarked: “You can’t find any of this stuff in Germany. Nobody has old mahogany bars. It’s all oak and it just looks different. You’d never find a grubby old brass bar rail in a German pub.”, reports the Mirror.

Ahead of the tournament, Mr Moss extended an invitation to England fans: “Come along, definitely. We’d love to see you, and I’m sure you’ll feel quite at home.

“We don’t know who is going to come in, so hopefully people will use us as a kind of outpost, who knows – that would be good.”

Mr Moss added with anticipation, “We’ve got hopefully quite a few English supporters who are going to come and visit us, but also English supporters who live here who are going to be having a look.

“And the beer garden is decorated, of course, with English flags.

“It would be the optimum scenario to get a few hundred supporters in each game and everybody drinking lots of beer.”

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