Europe heatwave: Weather maps turn volcanic red as 41C blast to scorch Spain in days | World | News

Spain could be hit by soaring 41C temperatures in the coming days as the latest weather maps turn deep red. WXCharts’ GFS runs show the European country covered in the blistering heat as the mercury levels soar to over 40C on July 11 and 12. 

Areas around Seville, Malaga, and Valencia are likely to be the worst impacted by the searing mercury, with no sign of the elevated mercury relenting for locals and tourists who flock to Spain in their millions each year. According to MeteoAlarm, three Spanish regions are now on yellow alert for heat.

These destinations are all immensely popular among holidaymakers due to their tropical climate and serene beaches – but the British Red Cross is warning people who plan to visit scorching resorts to follow some key guidelines to stay safe.

They include applying suncream regularly, keeping hydrated, avoiding alcohol and remaining out of the sun during peak times.

MeteoAlarm has warned people to “be aware” and “keep up to date with the latest weather forecast” as it predicts “moderate” effects on people and buildings in La Mancha albaceteña, Bajo Aragón de Teruel and Ribera del Ebro de Zaragoza

Even the UK Foreign Office has advised people to exercise caution. The FDCO says: “Extreme temperatures can affect many areas of Spain over the summer months. Follow the Spanish Meteorological Office (AEMET) and European Meteorological Services for severe weather warnings.

“The NHS has information on how to cope in hot weather. You can also follow guidance from the Spanish Ministry of Health (in Spanish).”

The British Red Cross has since issued warnings and advice to travellers set to visit heat-battered countries. “Extreme heat can be deadly.” it says. “Studies have reported that 61,000 people died because of Europe’s record-breaking heatwave in 2023.

“And with the effects of climate change, it’s likely heatwaves will become more frequent and intense.”

Spain isn’t the only country to be baking in extreme heat – all of southern Europe has been engulfed in a huge heatwave – with temperatures fluctuating for weeks. 

Greece, Italy and parts of Southern France are predicted to see more hot temperatures in the coming weeks as the peak of summer rears its head.

According to Xinhua, a global news source, schools and tourist sites, including the Acropolis, were temporarily closed in extreme heat in Greece. Greek Minister of Health Adonis Georgiadis has urged holidaymakers to be “very careful” and avoid taking “unnecessary risks.”

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