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A taxpayer was shocked to find their HMRC record showed they had a car benefit for over £10,500 which they claimed did not belong to them.

They asked the tax authority’s customer support team over X on June 8: “I have had added onto my tax a £10.5k car benefit, which I don’t have.

“Your website states lots of regional tax offices are open today. Also not true. I work between your opening hours and cannot afford an average call tine to ring at work. How do i fix this!?”

They shared a screenshot of their record showing a ‘car benefit’ for £10,723.

A representative responded to ask if they had notified HMRC that they no longer had access to a company car, but the individual did not answer this question.

The person got back in touch a few days later, on June 13, after having a frustrating time trying to get through on the phones.

They asked: “After trying and trying I cannot get hold of HMRC by phone. How do I speak to someone to fix the below which is not accurate and needs fixing asap.

“I do not have a car and have not had a car for over six months and never had one at Travis Perkins?? Can someone from HMRC ring me??”

HMRC asked them if they could change their details with regard to the car benefit through their personal tax account.

They replied: “As stated on a previous tweet it won’t let me as it states I am part of a “sharing scheme” so cannot change it. This is crippling my tax.”

The customer support team said in response: “This would need access to records to update. Please continue on the income tax helpline so they can update this.

“The best time to call is when the helpline opens at 8am and before 10am as it usually is the less busy period, although can vary.”

The frustrated taxpayer said: “Does nobody read my replies? I can’t get through?

“Have just tried again at work (which not allowed to be on phone) and get cut off?!?!?”

The representative then tried to help by offering another way for them to get in touch.

They said: “Sorry, the only options are to call or put this into writing and post to the department. Details of which can be found on the above link, however writing can take longer to get a response.”

The customer said: “So writing a letter will take way longer to get processed and I will miss cut off for pay so will be more heavily taxed. Excellent news. Really pleasing to hear.”

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