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A financial expert has dished out top tips on how to claim compensation for flight delays or cancellations.

With summer upon us, many Brits are itching to swap the dreary UK skies for some sun-soaked escapades. Countless holidaymakers have been squirrelling away their pennies all year for that dream getaway, eagerly counting down until they can board a plane and kick off a much-deserved holiday. However, travel plans don’t always run smoothly from endless queues to frustrating delays, last-minute cancellations, or luggage woes, these hiccups are hardly the ideal start to a vacation.

Cirium, an aviation data analysis company, reports a staggering 282,207 flights scheduled to leave the UK during the peak months of June, July, and August. With airports bustling with activity, there’s a higher risk of flight delays due to increased air traffic. Weather conditions can also throw a wrench in departure schedules.

Vivian Tu, a former Wall Street professional turned viral finance expert, better known as ‘your rich BFF’, insists you can be compensated for flight setbacks.

The savvy influencer, boasting a whopping 2.5 million Instagram followers and known for sharing financial wisdom, said: “If your flight gets delayed or cancelled, make sure you get what you are owed! ” The New York-based expert continued: “I love a European vacation as much as the next person but this [summer travel chaos] is all a real possibility, so I’m going to show you how to get money back in your wallet if your flight to and from the EU gets delayed.”

The self-made millionaire, who’s no stranger to travelling herself, remarked: “The EU cares way more about its citizens than anywhere else and it shows because they allow you to claim anywhere between 250 to 600 euros as passenger compensation if your flight arrives late. Flight within the EU, out of the EU, or into the EU with an EU carrier are covered.”

The New York Times best selling author and TikTok sensation advises that all you need to do is drop an email to the airline with your name, flight number, the duration of the delay, and “cite EU Regulation 261/2004”. Vivian recommends that if you’re stuck at the airport due to delays or cancellations, simply approach the airline desk “for a pamphlet” which details the claim process.

“Airlines aren’t going to usually offer this up unless you point blank ask,” Vivian added. “Airlines might now tell you but I will,” she further stated.

Her explainer video has garnered comments from several individuals who confirmed the effectiveness of her advice. One person shared their success story: “Yes I’ve done this. The process is easy but long. Save all receipts, old/new flight info and submit them. Many EU carriers also have an online submission portal. Some will also offer transport to and from hotels for over night delays and food vouchers. They [airlines] will not tell you.”

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