Jay Slater detective missing Brit’s friend ‘wouldn’t answer questions’ | World | News

The search for missing Brit Jay Slater has intensified as new revelations emerged about a key figure refusing to answer critical questions.

Slater, 19, vanished on June 17 after being driven to a remote Airbnb in Masca by Ayub Qassim, a convicted drug dealer known as ‘Johnny Vegas’. 

Qassim, who has been cooperating with the investigation, has notably refused to identify the second man who was present that night and has avoided discussing a missing Rolex watch believed to be linked to the teenager’s disappearance, according to TV detective Mark Williams-Thomas.

Williams-Thomas, who has been probing the case, told MailOnline: “In the last 24 hours I have spoken in detail with Ayub Qassim, who is also known as Johnny Vegas. 

“He told me he was on the Veronicas Strip in Playa de las Americas and said that Jay wanted to carry on partying and that he hadn’t anywhere to stay, so he (Qassim) invited him back to his rental,” Williams-Thomas recounted.

During the car ride to Masca, which included a stop for a fizzy drink, Jay sat in the back while Qassim’s friend occupied the front seat.

At the property, Qassim says he provided Jay with a blanket, a cigarette, and a charger before they both went to sleep.

Qassim later woke up to move his car and saw Jay chatting with a woman who had told him about a bus to Los Cristianos.

Despite Qassim’s offer to drop Jay off later, he says that Jay decided to leave, saying he was hungry.

Qassim’s last memory of Jay involves receiving a call from one of Jay’s friends, stating Jay was lying in a ditch and had been “bitten by a cactus.”

Despite extensive searches near Masca and close cooperation with Spanish police, Slater’s family remains baffled and frustrated. 

Jay’s uncle, Glen Duncan, voiced his concerns, questioning the circumstances and why Slater was taken to such a remote location when his apartment was just ten minutes away.

The investigation continues with Spanish authorities exploring all leads, despite the official search ending earlier this week – while Slater’s family desperately seeks answers regarding his disappearance.

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