Lando Norris ‘fed up’ and explains copying Lewis Hamilton in British GP blunder | F1 | Sport

A downbeat Lando Norris has admitted he’s fed up with costly mistakes as the McLaren driver saw another Grand Prix slip through his fingers. Poor tyre strategy and a slow pit stop saw Lewis Hamilton seize hold of the lead of the British GP, as Norris slipped down to third behind Max Verstappen.

“I’m fed up with just saying I should have done better and I should have done this and I could have done that, or whatever,” Norris fumed. “So I don’t care if it takes time.

“I don’t want it to take time. I should be doing it now. We should be winning now. I should be making better decisions than what I’m making. So, I’m just disappointed. When it’s a win in Formula One, I’m not going to settle for something less when we should have achieved it.”

Norris pushed back on the suggestion that he was being too hard on himself. The Brit only took his maiden F1 victory in Miami this year after half a decade of racing in the sport. “I’m not,” Norris pushed back. “Should we have won a race today? Yes. Did we? No. So, I’m not gonna be happy with another third place.”

Hamilton took an emotional victory – his first since Saudi Arabia in 2021. The seven-time world champion couldn’t hide his emotions. Norris admitted Hamilton’s know-how on when to pit won the veteran the race and gave him the edge. “That’s just driver feel and driver knowledge of when to box, and Lewis did a better job than me on that side,” Norris conceded.

Sunday’s win at Silverstone was Hamilton’s ninth British Grand Prix win – an F1 record. The last three years have been tough on the soon-to-be Ferrari star, who has admitted he struggled for confidence. “Yeah, I can’t stop crying,” Hamilton said.

“I think, you know, it’s been since 2021. I just, every day getting up, trying to fight, to train, to put my mind to the task, and work as hard as I can with this amazing team. And this is my last race here, the British Grand Prix, with this team, so I wanted to win this so much for them, because I love them, I appreciate them so much, all the hard work they’ve been putting in all of these years.

“I’m forever grateful to everyone in this team, everyone at Mercedes, and all of our partners, and then otherwise to all our incredible fans. I could see you lap by lap as I was coming around, and there’s just no greater feeling as to finish at the front here.”

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