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An American tourist has been found dead – and a spate of others are missing in Greece – as temperatures continue to soar following the death of TV doctor Michael Mosley.

The 55-year-old tourist, not yet named by authorities, has been found dead on a Greek island and three more are missing in the blistering heat.

The tourist had last been seen on Tuesday on the island of Mathraki and his body was found in the sea.

On the island of Amorgos, a frantic search is underway for another American tourist, 59-year-old Albert Calibet, who went missing during a hike on the small island last week. Mr Calibet, a former LA Sheriff’s Department deputy, has been missing since Tuesday.

A Dutchman was also found dead by the fire service in Samos on Saturday. The 74-year-old man was found by a fire service drone facedown in a ravine around 1,000ft from where he was last seen on Sunday. He had been struggling to walk in the heat, reports The Telegraph.

Two French women – aged 73 and 64 are also reported missing in Sikinos.

Most of the tourists were attempting hikes in scorching heat with record temperatures for the first week of June – reaching 43C – in what’s to be Greece’s earliest heatwave on record.

TV medic Dr Michael Mosley, 67, was found dead on the island of Symi last Sunday after going on a walk in 40C heat.

An autopsy report released Monday revealed that he died of natural causes. However, a physiotherapist told the Daily Express US the case “fits the bill” for heat exhaustion.

The beloved TV doctor was found dead after a four-day search amid high temperatures involving police, firefighters, divers and a helicopter.

His wife alerted local police on the Greek isle of Symi that he was missing after he did not return from a walk at Agios Nikolaos beach on Wednesday.

Chris Byrne, senior lecturer of sports and health sciences at Exeter University, told the Daily Express that “the tragic story of Michael Mosley illustrates the rare but potentially lethal effect of combining physical activity in high environmental heat.”

However, he also notes that a handful of unique circumstances in Mosley’s case created a “recipe for disaster.”

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