Novak Djokovic denied bathroom break as Serb holds stomach in Wimbledon worry | Tennis | Sport

Novak Djokovic‘s request to take a bathroom break was denied by the umpire during his Wimbledon match against Holger Rune.

The world No. 2 was informed that he didn’t have enough time to leave the court. He was then seen holding his stomach as John McEnroe speculated whether he had indigestion.

Djokovic finally had the chance to sprint to the toilet in the next changeover and raced back before his allotted time was up.

Djokovic stormed through the opening set of his fourth-round clash with Rune to win 6-3 in under half an hour.

But he started clutching his stomach in the second set and was desperate to leave the court.

His initial request was turned down by the umpire but he was allowed to go at the next changeover.

Nick Kyrgios, who practiced with Djokovic ahead of this tie, was co-commentating for the BBC and said: “Novak grimacing a little bit there. Holding his mid-section.”

Djokovic raised huge concerns before his clash with Fritz as he told Serbian media: “I’m glad you think everything is OK, that’s how it should work, but everything is far from OK.

“Well, about that another time – the movement was a lot better compared to the first two matches, I’m more free in that context, but everything is far from OK, I’m constantly working on the table to get ready for each subsequent match.”

Rune went into the tie full of confidence and was expecting to be able to go toe-to-toe with the second seed.

Rune said: “I’m expecting a tough battle. I think that’s always how it’s going to be when you play Novak. He’s one of the toughest competitors of all time and one of the most successful players. So I’m expecting nothing but a great level from him.

“I know he did his surgery, but honestly I practiced with him in the first week, and I saw him playing a little bit. He seems like he’s playing very well, feeling confident. Definitely have to play on my best level to have a chance to win, so that’s what I’m going to try to do.”

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