People are only just realising what the tiny jeans pockets are actually for

According to experts at Hockerty, a made-to-measure clothing brand, inventor Levi Strauss – the founder of iconic jeans brand Levi’s – made the tiny pocket for a pocket watch.

Reddit contributors, however, are in disbelief that the smaller front pocket within a pocket could have been used for such a thing.

One member of the online forum group said: “I have never seen a pocket watch that fits inside a watch pocket.” Another agreed:
“[It’s] a bit small for a pocket watch… I imagine them being larger than a modern watch.”

One more stated: “I’ve seen the [jeans] advert, thats not what they kept in there.” Airing their own experience, one Reddit user said: “Before cellphones, I used a pocket watch. I don’t like wearing a wristwatch. The little pocket worked perfectly as designed.”

Going back to the originator of the small jeans pocket, Levi confirmed that the design was indeed for a “watch pocket”.

Tracey Panek, a historian at Levi Strauss and Co, told Insider: “The oldest pair of waist overalls in the Levi Strauss and Co. Archives (from 1879) includes the watch pocket.

“The watch pocket was an original element of our blue jeans, like the rivets on our pockets, button fly, arched back pocket stitching and leather patch.

“To preserve the integrity of the early design, Levi Strauss and Co. maintains the watch pocket.” Since then, Levi added that the small pocket became known as the “coin pocket” as times moved on.

“Once people stop using coins, which should be any day now, we’ll find another name for it,” Levi added.

Lots of people on Reddit have already used the small pocket for other uses other than a pocket watch or coins, such as a guitar pick.

“I use it for chapstick and key fobs,” said one contributor. “I always heard it was a ticket pocket for keeping your train ticket,” another added.

Some noted they store wireless ear phones in the tiny pockets, or medication, or breath mints. Whereas others suggested it was the pocket to store a common contraceptive barrier that helps protect people from sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

With so many alternative uses for the tiny jeans pocket nowadays, it will be interesting to see what Levi end up deciding to call it in the future – and if the design feature will remain.

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