Six of the cutest kitten breeds perfect for cosy living quarters

Of course there’s a National Kitten Day to celebrate the absolute joy feline friends can bring into your life – and they’re so adorable to look at!

Some are mischievous, others are clumsy, and most are playful – especially when they’re little darlings. Whichever cat your kitty grows into, they are sure to steal a place in your heart. 

Any pet owner is sure to create a special bond with their cat, especially when they can spend nearly two decades with you; as special as people, each cat has their own little personality. 

Could breed influence the way your kitten behaves? According to Feliway UK, it sure can – although the way they are brought up is also a factor. 

So whether you’re considering getting a kitten, or just want to admire the cuteness, here are six cat breeds that are totally lovable. 

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