£561m airport in European city that will become ‘superhub’ for passport tourists | World | News

A beautiful European city is all set to welcome a new airport which will be a central marketplace for all non-Schengen traffic. Munich airport is getting a complete facelift with a new pier coming at one of its terminals.

Non-Schengen traffic means those flying from countries which require passport checks coming into the EU, such as those coming from the UK and other countrie like Albania, Cyprus and Ireland. 

The construction work at the pier is likely to be completed by the end of 2025, it has been reported. 

The building’s exterior facade was completed last year, and the airport is now moving forward with the interior fit-out.

Munich Airport – which is investing a total of around £561million (€665m) in the project – said that following the completion of construction “extensive testing” would still need to be carried out before the building could be commissioned for use, reports Business Traveller

The 360-metre-long pier will host the airport’s non-Schengen carriers, including American Airlines, British Airways, Delta, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, and Qatar Airways.

The building comprises six storeys, three of which are designated for passenger services and check-in. 

Level 03 includes bus gates, immigration controls, and baggage reclaim. Level 04 features a marketplace and departure gates, while Level 05 houses the arrivals area, passport control, and security checkpoints. 

The Terminal 1 extension can accommodate up to twelve smaller aircraft or six wide-body aircraft simultaneously. 

Access to the pier is through a centralised security checkpoint area. The ten checkpoints are equipped with state-of-the-art CT technology, similar to that already in use in Terminal 1 Module D and Terminal 2.

The pier will have the capacity to accommodate up to 12 smaller aircraft or six wide-bodied aircraft simultaneously.

Commenting on the news Jost Lammers, chief executive officer of Munich Airport, said: “The expansion ensures that a high quality of stay and service will be offered in all handling areas in the future.

“With the attractive new lounge areas, we will then bring about a leap forward in quality in Terminal 1, which will open up long-term development prospects at our airport for the airlines that operate here and will thus guarantee the competitive edge and future viability of Munich’s premium hub.”

Munich Airport recently advanced its net-zero target to 2035, 15 years earlier than originally planned.

This goal includes reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions (those the airport can directly control) by at least 90 percent.

Nathalie Leroy, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Infrastructure at Munich Airport said: “For passengers, the increased amount of space in combination with the technological innovation brings a significant enhancement in efficiency, service and comfort. Terminal 1, now 30 years old, will be state-of-the-art in every respect and optimally equipped for future challenges in the non-Schengen area.”

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