Android’s new antitheft feature is now in testing

Theft Detection Lock, as it’s called, uses AI to determine whether certain jerky movements are indicative of an ongoing theft attempt. In addition to relying on motion, it can also use other tells, such as someone attempting to use it on a different network or if it notices it’s off a frequently used network for an extended time.

Google announced the automatic antitheft feature as part of the larger privacy and security improvements it’s planning for Android 15, which also include a password-locked vault called “private space” that stores sensitive apps and data. Theft detection will be backported to older versions, however.

In lighter news, Android users in Brazil aren’t just getting to test a new security feature. They will also soon find it easier to contact businesses — you can message them directly via WhatsApp by tapping a dedicated button that appears in the business’s search listing. They’ll also be able to set appointments with local businesses such as doctors and cosmetologists right from the search results. For now, both features are exclusive to those in the country.

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