Anker’s 3-in-1 Qi2 charger is $30 off in its first sale

As might have been expected, mobile accessory makers used Qi2’s arrival as an opportunity to fill out their charger lineup with the new wireless fast charging standard. Equally predictable was that many of those products started in a price tier quite a bit higher than their equivalent previous generation models — and that prices would eventually drop. Anker was one of the earliest to appear, and it’s one of the first to bring its 3-in-1 MagGo Wireless Charging Station well under $100 — you can now pick the charging station up for $69.99 ($30 off) at Amazon when clipping the coupon or directly from Anker with code WSCPV2KWZ3XE.

The tree-like design props up your Qi2 / MagSafe iPhone at an angle, and ditto for your Apple Watch — it charges both at their fastest possible speeds. There’s a third charging area in the base that you can plop your AirPods or other wireless charging earbuds onto as well. It’s helpful to know that you’ll need at least a 40W adapter to charge each device at its fastest possible speed, but Anker generously includes one in the box alongside a five-foot USB-C cable.

I own a similar 3-in-1 Qi2 charging stand by ESR, which, at $64.99 right now, is the only one of its kind from a brand we trust that’s even cheaper than Anker’s. There’s one big design difference between the two — instead of hiding a detachable Apple Watch holder behind the phone like ESR does, Anker keeps it anchored next to the iPhone. (I like puns, okay?)

That may not seem significantly useful at first considering your iPhone will show more information than your Apple Watch while its StandBy nightstand mode is activated. But take it from me: you’ll appreciate not having to crane your neck over the top every time you want to check the wearable’s battery.

Anker’s nonslip base for earbuds is also considerably wider and has raised edges, which is great during a groggy stupor. It means you’re less likely to knock the charging case off the table when you’re switching sleeping positions or miss the mark when trying to drop your earbuds onto it. Both of those scenarios have happened to me. Don’t be me.

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