‘Cat-repelling’ plant tip to make cats ‘run for a mile’ away from your garden

Cats are cute to cuddle and pet, but they become a nuisance when they ruin your garden.

When it comes to mice, you can to deter them from your plants. And for slugs, just be sure to keep your garden .

Keeping cats away, on the other hand, requires different methods. Cats can mess up the lawn, use the flower beds as a toilet, and scare away wildlife, so it’s important to know how to deter them to keep your garden safe. 

LoveTheGarden showcases different ways to repel cats. Suzanne Hall says in a video that cats are roaming animals, so they can be difficult to shew away, especially at night.


People in the comments were happy to finally have a deterrent.

One said: “Thank you so much for the information. I was literally about to hunt this cat with a bow.”

“Huge problem. They damage property with their pooing and constant spraying. Very sadly they also kill the birds,” someone said.

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