Celebrity skincare expert warns people not to try ‘at-home Botox’ trend

A celebrity skin expert has warned against a DIY Botox trend that leaves people unable to move their faces.

Scott McGlynn, known for his skincare advice to actors and his 245,000 social media followers, was recently left shocked by the viral “at-home Botox” trend on TikTok.

The trend involves mixing flaxseed with water to create face masks, which tighten around the face.

Some influencers claim it reduces redness and inflammation, but skincare experts disagree.

Scott, who posts under the username @scottmcglynnofficial, watched a clip where a woman “couldn’t move her face” after applying the mask, leaving him astonished.

He told her: “I wouldn’t do this because you can’t move your face. You’re not gonna go out like this, are you? If you’re gonna get Botox, do it just the normal way.”

Fans shared their thoughts in the comments, with one saying: “Oh my, this is hilarious,” and another chiming in with: “Lol I’d rather eat cake too.” Someone else admitted: “I don’t think I could be a***d with making it.”

And experts seem to agree with Scott. Dr. Scott Walter (@denverskindoc) warned: “Essentially, all that’s doing is creating a glue that tightens your skin.

“So yes, it can temporarily tighten as the mask dries, but is it going to give you any long-lasting effects on your wrinkles? No.”

Board-certified plastic surgeon Michael Jazayeri also chimed in, commenting: “I don’t think flaxseed oil by itself is going to be able to penetrate through the skin to do anything.

“[With] Botox, we’re actually injecting it past the skin into the muscle and it causes paralysis… Don’t expect it to work or last as long as Botox.”

Dr. Teresa Song, a skin doctor at Marmur Medical, told In The Know by Yahoo: “Although the benefits of oral flaxseed have been studied with potential anti-inflammatory properties, topical usage of flaxseed currently does not have substantial supporting scientific evidence.

“The video claims that it has similar effects to Botox, which is a false claim as there are no other ingredients on the market that can work as effectively as neuromodulators.”

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