F1 team bosses set for ‘showdown talks’ at Canadian GP after Lewis Hamilton fires warning | F1 | Sport

F1 bosses are meeting at the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend to discuss potential issues with the newly-revealed 2026 technical regulations. Several drivers have offered their opinions on the proposed changes, with Lewis Hamilton raising concerns that the new cars could be ‘pretty slow’.

Under the FIA’s proposed guidelines, the new machines would be lighter, narrower and shorter, which is in line with the desires of the entire F1 paddock. However, the potential constraints of the new power units, combined with concerns about active aerodynamics components have sparked plenty of debate.

Offering his assessment of the new regulations, Hamilton said: “It is only 30kg so while it is a step in the right direction they are still heavy. I have only just seen what everyone has seen this morning so I don’t really have huge thoughts on it just yet.

“I’ve spoken to some drivers who have driven [the 2026 car] on the simulator and they say it is pretty slow. So we will see whether it’s actually the right direction or not. But I think in terms of sustainability, particularly on the power unit side, I think that’s a really bold step and that is going in the right direction.”

Similar comments were made by other drivers, and Alex Albon backed up Hamilton’s concerns, adding: “I don’t want to speak out of turn but I think it’s going to be very slow, extremely slow.”

Thankfully for Hamilton, Albon and the other concerned drivers, there could be changes on the horizon. According to a report from Autosport, F1 team bosses will meet with Stefano Domenicali, senior stakeholders and key members of the FIA to voice their concerns.

The main issues were summarised by Andrea Stella, who noted: “Well, I would say that at the moment, for the way cars are in the draft version of the regulations…the cars are not fast enough in the corners and too fast on the straights. These two aspects need to be rebalanced.”

While the feedback raised from within the paddock is concerning, James Vowles explained that the changes in their current form are “draft regulations”. With rounds of talks with team principals already being scheduled in, the cars that hit the track for the season opener in 2026 could still look very different.

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