‘I found out my husband had an affair with my mother’

“I honestly don’t know how to react,” Katie, 26, shared to Reddit at the time. “I’m f*** four months pregnant [with his baby].”

Remembering back to when she told Joe, 30, about the pregnancy, he seemed “over the moon”.

Katie said: “He was kissing me and telling me how lucky he was to have me… after about two weeks after my surprise announcement, he stopped hugging and kissing me.

“He stopped eating the meals I’d make for him after work and said he already ate some fast food or something. I also noticed he had changed his [mobile] lock screen, which was a picture of us.”

Katie grew suspicious of Joe as his behaviour had changed so much that she was tempted to go down his phone.

When he was in the shower, Katie admitted: “I went through his phone… and found text messages, videos, pictures…

“I’m sick to my stomach thinking about what I saw. I saw pictures of my mum [52] in lingerie and he was replying with pictures of his p**s, saying he was ‘so hard for her’.

“I even saw a message of regret. He [suggested] they should stop since he didn’t want to hurt me, but my mum said I wouldn’t get hurt as long as they kept it all a secret.”

The most disturbing of messages for Katie was one she typed out for all to see. In it, her mum told Joe: “I love you so much. More than you think.

“You’ve helped me through the passing of my beloved ex-husband and for that I truly thank you.

“I know it is hard for you to keep a secret like this… for me it is too. I love my daughter with all my heart but she will have to accept eventually that love is love, and that the heart wants what it wants.

“Our hearts want each other. I thought that ever since my husband died, nobody would ever love me because I’m just an old woman, but you have shown me to love myself and made me feel young and sexy again. Let’s keep having fun and cherishing each other.”

Crushed and nauseated, Katie can now see through Joe’s excuses for working late and being paid overtime for what it was: a lie to be with her mum.

“I actually threw up after reading that message,” Katie shared. “I have screenshots of the messages and have sent the videos to myself. Of course, I deleted them on his phone so it looked like he never sent me anything.”

Confused, hurt, and in shock, Katie confronted Joe who dropped to his knees, started crying, and pleading for forgiveness.

“He’s told me that if I take him back, he won’t do anything to hurt me ever again and he will cut all ties with my mother,” Katie said.

Katie has since had the baby and cut ties with both Joe and her mother, and is now keen to move on with life.

*Names have been changed.

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