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Ever wondered what it’s like to be married to a pilot? Now you no longer need to.

A woman on TikTok has achieved viral fame, gaining more than 180,000 likes, by shedding some light on her matrimonial life with a pilot. It struck a chord with many because it was so relatable.

The assumed benefits of marrying a pilot can conjure up images of jet-set trips and lavish journeys. However, the true picture painted by Ashton, or @ashtonvonkessler on TikTok, differs.

Far from glamour, the majority of her time appears to be spent in jogging bottoms. Footage shows her waking at strange hours to chauffeur her husband to the airport before sunrise to ensure he makes it to work on time.

She then gives him a goodbye kiss as he sets off to begin another shift. Regardless of the weather or ungodly hour, she ensures her spouse makes it to work.

On top of the video, Ashton wrote: “You married a pilot, so you also signed up for the 5am drop-offs.” She also noted she asks him to ring the alarm five minutes before they need to leave, so she has time to search for her slippers.

Clearly, being a pilot’s better half can be rather chaotic, particularly when early morning airport runs become a staple. This involves pledging your loyalty to a lifetime of extremely early mornings.

Since the video was shared, hundreds of users have been quick to comment, and they had lots of questions. Some of them even admitted they fancied dating a pilot themselves.

One social media user quipped: “Him driving y’all to the airport only for yourself to drive yourself back home is so unbelievably accurate.” Another chimed in with: “As a pilot daughter, valid.”

A third shared their amusement, writing: “Haha, this is so accuate, and the slippers too.” Meanwhile, a fourth commented: “Lol, don’t worry that stops when you have kids. The kids love picking him up though.”

Ashton revealed to her followers that it took her husband four years to qualify as a pilot, and they are blissfully happy together. Regarding those late-night airport runs, she mentioned they typically happen at around 11pm, leading to extremely long days for her.

She also addressed queries about how often the couple manage to spend time together, confirming that despite his job, they spend time together almost every day. When asked how often they get to see each other, Ashton replied: “Almost everyday.

“He is only gone a couple of days at a time, and I follow him on trips sometimes.”

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