‘I’m 35 but look 13 – there’s one drink I avoid to keep my baby face’

Brandon Miles May might still pass for a schoolboy, but he’s actually cruising through his mid-thirties with the looks of someone much younger.

Dubbed the modern-day Dorian Gray, Brandon has amassed a staggering 48,000 followers on social media, all eager to learn the secrets behind his seemingly ageless visage. A devotee to skincare and healthy eating, Brandon has embraced some rather unconventional methods to maintain his youthful appearance, including a strict policy of avoiding ‘direct sunlight’.

Whenever he steps out, Brandon is invariably clad in long sleeves, sports a sun hat, and dons sunglasses – not to mention his unwavering commitment to slathering on SPF. “The sun contributes to 80 to 90 per cent of the visible signs of skin ageing,” he asserts.

And there’s one particular beverage you’ll never catch him sipping.

“I don’t drink alcohol,” he declares. “I’ve never had a drink in my life. I made the conscious decision at the age of 13 to never partake in alcoholic beverages.”, reports the Mirror.

Brandon clarifies that he doesn’t ‘judge’ those who do indulge in a drink or two and remains indifferent to others’ choices – but personally shuns alcohol due to its ageing effects on ‘the skin, the hair, and the brain’.

At 35, Brandon also steers clear of smoking and conscientiously avoids carcinogens that ‘deplete your indigenous antioxidants’. “I also get about eight hours, up to nine hours, of sleep every single night,” he reveals.

“I think that’s so important. Sleep is when the regenerative processes happen in your skin and your body. It also jacks up your melatonin which is a good thing.”

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Brandon, who follows a ‘fairly healthy diet’, has completely cut out sugar from his meals, believing it to be a significant contributor to skin ageing. Instead, he often opts for salads with foods like avocados.

In terms of physical activity, Brandon engages in moderate exercise but steers clear of ‘super heavy’ workouts. “I do exercise and make sure that I’m building and maintaining muscle, which is really important for balancing out your hormones as well as your growth hormone.”

Finally, he attributes his youthful appearance to ‘optimising’ his emotional health by reducing stress and anxiety through ‘gratitude meditation’. “It helps to lower the stress hormone cortisol, which is also an ageing hormone” he said.

“I try to make sure that I’m optimizing my mental and emotional health at all costs.”

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