‘I’m so tired of my mother-in-law and her creepy behaviour around my baby’

A new mum, Claire, is fed up with her mother-in-law’s “passive-aggressive” behaviour around her five-month-old daughter. The woman said her husband’s mother has visited over 30 times since the baby was born.

She revealed that her mother-in-law tries to feed her breastfed baby bottled milk, takes too long to change the baby’s nappy, and constantly turns up at their home uninvited.

Claire shared an example of her mother-in-law’s actions on Reddit: “She came here yesterday afternoon. Just showed up. No call ahead, nothing.

“Said she was ‘in the area’. I was making dinner and she asks ‘what are we having?’ – I tell her I only made enough for us.”

Claire added: “She wants to help with either changing my daughter’s diaper or bottle feeding her. We won’t let her change our daughter’s diaper because the one time she did (we didn’t give her permission), she spent way too much time doing so.

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