Luke Littler shares the advice Man Utd legend Sir Alex Ferguson gave him | Other | Sport

Littler has burst onto the sporting scene in magnificent style following his debut at the PDC Darts Championships. The teenage sensation has proven his worth following his second-place finish at Alexandra Palace, enjoying a great opening few nights of the Premier League.

Despite the level of hype around him at present, Littler has managed to keep his feet firmly on the floor. However, managing to cross paths with some of his boyhood heroes at United.

Littler was asked to play a few matches against Maguire and Eriksen at Old Trafford recently, and he even managed to speak with former United boss Ferguson after being given tickets for a Red Devils match earlier this season.

He explained: “To be honest, it was good to get out of the house. I support United so it was nice to meet my idols at my home club, it was a good day out. I watched them train for a bit but it was raining and I went in when they started doing tactics and all that stuff.

“I also met Sir Alex at United vs Spurs a few weeks ago. That was good. My dad had seen their glory years, witnessed ’99, and so it was good for him to meet him. It was good to chat. I didn’t get much out of him, because of his accent, but he did say keep going and stick to it.”

Littler’s comments about the event being a chance to ‘get out the house’ highlight how the teen has taken to life in the limelight like a duck to water. ‘The Nuke’ is third in the table out of eight competitors in the Premier League, despite hardly practising between events.

Opening up on how he hardly throws darts nowadays, Littler explained: “When I get bored of that, I go on the practice board, and when I get bored of that, I go back on my Xbox. I practice for maybe 20 minutes or half an hour just to keep my arm loose. I think a big thing was when we first went into lockdown I was doing four or five hours a day because there was nothing else to do. Now maybe it is 20 minutes or half an hour. Because I have my talent I don’t really need to do silly hours again. The hard work paid off and I don’t need to overdo myself anymore.”

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