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It’s set to be a summer of love for welltech brand Lyma, whose  break-through, on-the-go laser technology fades wrinkles, treats sun damage and tightens sagging skin, making it a luxury market favourite and creator of new trading opportunities for beauty businesses from salons to sole traders.

With its recently released Laser Pro, the UK company is consolidating its technological triumphs with a more powerful rejuvenating device for face and body suitable for all skin tones that captures the effectiveness of light therapies previously only available in clinics. As a portable laser, the world-first innovation doesn’t rely on invasive procedures, but is compact, pain free and effective in 30 days, while also being easy to operate without training and safe for home use with the official FDA clearance needed for that in the US.

Four years in development the patented design enables a 10cm penetration into body tissues thanks to its lens diffusing the laser beam in a way that removes all the heat without losing any power.

Favoured by celebrities such as Cillian Murphy and Sienna Miller, the Pro’s £4,495 price tag is high end. But there’s also more to the product’s possibilities than an exclusive focus on the super well-heeled.

In today’s visually-driven society, ways that increase people’s confidence so they feel better about themselves can be life enhancing and a route to liberation. 

Lucy Goff who founded Lyma six years ago explains: “Our lasers are proven to work and we have some customers who instead of taking a holiday are choosing to buy them for their benefits. Male grooming is a growing market.“For smaller businesses, such as sole trader beauticians, there’s the option for them of sharing the cost and adding it to their services.

“While there’s no shortage of claims in the beauty industry, we’re the only brand to have engineered the technology into a device that is safe for home use and the professional beauty services market.”


Backed by £2million from venture capital investor Pembroke, Goff has built Lyma into a brand employing 35 staff and worth £150 million plus in a £166 billion professional beauty services sector. With over 100 per cent annual revenue growth, it’s been on remarkable trajectory that began with supplements after Goff struggled to find the quality of products she needed as she fought to recover from septicaemia.

Her initiative, based on hard science and self-funding at first, progressed into two more categories with the anti-ageing Lyma Skincare and Lyma Laser, acquiring retail clients such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Neiman Marcus in the US. The group now exports to more than 70 countries including the Middle East, with its chief markets in the US and UK, against a changing social backdrop where the pandemic has heightened public awareness about health.

In 2022 Lyma achieved a social purpose balanced with profit B Corps accreditation and last year scooped an enterprise King’s Award for international trade. As for future applications for the laser Goff sees potential in treatments for sports injuries and post-surgery tissue repair.


“I’m most pleased about the difference we’ve made to our consumers’ lives through the carefully, expertly, and scientifically proven products we have created. We are in the business of anxiety mitigation, helping to address concerns that are or have been holding them back and the stories we hear make me burst with pride.

“Whether it’s someone telling us that because of the supplement they had their first good night’s sleep in years or they finally feel like themselves again after suffering with symptoms of menopause, or someone that had a skin concern like rosacea that was making them self-conscious that has been transformed by the Lyma Laser and given them their confidence back. Each one is a brilliant reminder of why I started this journey.”

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