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Sony’s premiere of Madame Web took place in Los Angeles last night and the reviews and first reactions are in ahead of the film’s debut tomorrow.

Despite Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney reportedly putting in good performances, the comic book blockbuster has been slammed by influencers and reviewers who attended and currently has a 23 per cent splat on Rotten Tomatoes

The apparent turkey of a movie is another Spider-Man spin-off solo movie (without Peter Parker) following the critically panned likes of Venom, Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Morbius.

Check out the first mostly dire reactions and reviews for the new non-MCU Marvel outing below.

Rolling Stone
Madame Web isn’t as Bad As You’ve Heard. It’s So Much Worse… It is the Cats: The Movie of superhero movies. Not a single decision seems of sound mind. Not a single performance feels in sync with the material.

Madame Web is just about the worst movie you’d find at the bottom of that Walmart dollar bin — doomed to be forgotten as soon as it’s seen.

Vanity Fair
Mostly, the movie is a Pepsi ad strangely populated by performances turned to low volume. Johnson, so likable in fare as varied as 50 Shades of Grey and Suspiria, is a minimalist performer. Her casting here is an unfortunate mistake.

USA Today
Instead of being a breath of fresh air akin to the Tom Holland Spider-flicks, Madame Web is instead a reminder of the Worst Superhero Times (aka the mid-2000s).

Hollywood Reporter
It is an airless and stilted endeavor driven by a mechanical screenplay. Its lack of imagination would be astounding if it wasn’t so expected.

Madame Web was never going to touch the relatively high-concept, Disney-made Avengers movies… But guess what? Tickets still cost just as much as they would for a more canonical Marvel movie. So why settle for the knock-off?

Madame Web wastes a talented cast on a superhero movie shockingly devoid of tangible humanity.

Austin Chronicle
A car crash would be more interesting. Madame Web is a fender bender — nothing calamitous, just a time suck. An annoyance. A waste.

Madame Web tries to connect many plots and people together to a confusing, yet ultimately bland result.

Cris Parker
Madame Web is an embarrassing mess. Talented stars wasted on probably the worst comic book movie I have ever seen. Filled with atrocious dialogue, awkward editing, & all around laughable structure. I sat there baffled scene by scene someone approved this. The memes will redeem it

Matt Ramos
Morbius was better

The Hollywood Handle
Madame Web is a clunky, poorly-written, messy, and sloppy movie packed with some mediocre editing and performances. Even though it had solid cinematography and an interesting concept, it couldn’t be saved due to its terrible execution.

I watched Madame Web and it was bad. I tried to give it a chance but sadly the poor execution didn’t help it. The cast was awesome but the performances were definitely disappointing…

Darth Ro
I was not, unfortunately, successfully entertained. Madame Web is a series of misses and wasted opportunities and not just for obvious reasons…

Madame Web is yet another disappointing entry in the Sony Universe. Dakota Johnson is a stand-out, but unfortunately that’s not the case for the rest of the cast. Not as bad as I expected it to be, but it sadly falls short of what could have been a decent movie. 2/5

Screen Rant
Unfortunately for me, Madame Web lacked the spark it needed in nearly every dept: writing, acting, action sequences. There are a few good moments with an excellent overall pacing, but gees was this hard to get through.

Full Circle Cinema
Madame Web is totally fine. There’s really not a lot to say here. The leads are charming. Dakota Johnson is a witchy weirdo. The slasher/FINAL DESTINATION meets superheroes vibes are there. But there’s just not a whole lot to it. Not a disaster. Just kinda there.

The Illuminerdi
Madame Web exceeds expectations! Some of the dialog is cheesy AF, some heavy-handed product placement, and probably couldve been tidied up a bit more. But the cast really work magic with what they had, their chemistry is a lot of fun, and the suits look great

Madame Web hits cinemas tomorrow.

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