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A hiker who once took the same route on which Michael Mosley is believed to have disappeared has explained some of the difficulties walking in the area.

Divers are actively searching for the missing TV doctor and columnist off the Greek island of Symi. The 67-year-old British national was last seen on Wednesday after setting off on a walk to the center of the island.

X user, @notlostfilms, shared their experience of the area, noting: “A popular walk in Symi is to the Life Giving Fountain Monastery, which is an easy road walk.

“Attempting it from the Kamares cafe (where Dr Michael Mosley was allegedly last spotted) is difficult.

“Here is some of my roughly edited footage above Pedi beach showing the terrain.”

The local police department, in collaboration with firefighters and coast guards, has intensified the search efforts.

Using drones, sniffer dogs, and patrol boats, the rescue teams are meticulously combing the island and surrounding waters.

“All our patrol boats are searching…about five and also all the private boats, commercial boats know about the incident and they look for (him) also,” confirmed Symi’s coast guard.

The deputy mayor of Symi, Ilias Chaskas, emphasised the collective efforts, stating, “divers are looking in the water,” with the local coast guard joining the rescue mission.

A spokesperson for the Greek fire service added: “The search continues today with seven firefighters, one drone checking the wider area, and we are co-operating with the Hellenic Police Office.”

Reports indicate that Mosley was seen in the Pedi area on Wednesday. Despite extensive searches, the terrain and current weather conditions, with temperatures expected to reach highs of 36C, pose significant challenges.

Symi’s mayor, Eleftherios Papakalodoukas, remarked that it seemed “impossible” Mosley was still in the highly trafficked area, suggesting that he might have moved to a less populated part of the island.

Eyewitness accounts from locals suggest that Mosley’s disappearance is baffling. Irini, a worker at the Kamares coffee shop, said: “They came, the police, with the coast police and firemen, and the rescue team, to carry out the investigation, but I don’t think that anything has been found yet.”

Another local mentioned that the path Mosley might have taken is “clear” and “not dangerous,” adding to the mystery.

Friends and family are grappling with the inexplicable nature of his disappearance. A friend speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live described the area as a “20-minute walk down the side of the mountain” and stressed that it is a well-trodden path, regularly used by tourists.

The British Foreign Office has confirmed their support for Mosley’s family and is in ongoing contact with local authorities.

Michael Mosley is widely recognised for his work in popularising the 5:2 diet and for his appearances on shows like The One Show and This Morning.

He has also made several documentaries on diet and health, including the Emmy-nominated BBC science documentary The Human Face. His unexpected disappearance has drawn concern and efforts from both local and international communities.

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