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Michael Mosley‘s body did not appear to show any signs of injury, the mayor on the Greek island where he went missing has revealed.

The body of 67-year-old Dr Mosley, who went missing five days ago while on holiday on Symi, was found close to a cave complex beside Agia Marina, around 10 metres from the sea.

Mayor of Symi Lefteris Papakalodoukas told Sky News said he had been in a boat on the way to search in a cave with members of the media when they saw something on the rocks above the beach.

He claims they filmed the scene and used a mobile phone zoom to discover the body lying on the rocks after appearing to have fallen down a steep slope before hitting a fence. Mosley was found lying face-up with a few rocks on top of him.

Antonis Mystiloglou, a cameraman with state TV ERT who was onboard the boat with Papakalodoukas, said the body was found with a leather bag in one hand and an umbrella close by.

Mosley’s wife Dr Clare Bailey Mosley released a statement on the “devastating” loss of her “wonderful, funny, kind and brilliant husband”. She said the family have been “taking comfort in the fact that he so very nearly made it”.

She said they were “so happy together” during their “incredibly lucky” life and praised their four children’s “resilience and support over the past days”, adding that she was “incredibly proud” of them.

The statement read: “He did an incredible climb, took the wrong route and collapsed where he couldn’t be easily seen by the extensive search team.”

Local bar manager Agia Marina was one of the first people to find the body. He said he spotted something unusual in the photos taken from the boat so went to investigate.

He said: “They called me, they said ‘You know what we saw something from far away, can you go and check’ so I went there. So when I walked up I saw something like a body to make sure. You don’t see a dead body everyday, it is not a warzone, it’s summer you are supposed to have fun and swimming.”

The body has now been examined by a coroner and removed from the island via boat before a post-mortem to determine the cause of death.

On Wednesday, Mosley left his wife and friends at Saint Nicholas Beach to go for a walk. On Saturday, the body was found on the opposite side in an area that had been searched by firefighters and from above via helicopter.

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