Mum slams ‘lazy’ parents for adopting American dinner tradition


Most parents are doing their best to get through their busy lives and sometimes they have to make things easier for themselves by cutting corners.

But there’s one habit a British mum thinks parents are adopting out of pure laziness, while others have said people need to be less judgemental. Taking to the parenting forum Mumsnet, the anonymous woman claimed many people are opting for paper plates so that they don’t have to wash the dishes, which she said it the “height of laziness.”

The post said: “I keep seeing reels and videos of people, mostly (if not all) Americans serving up dinner on either polystyrene plates or paper plates. AIBU [am I being unreasonable] to think that’s laziness/time saving/convenience too far? 

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But some folks said we shouldn’t be too quick to judge. One person mentioned: “I use paper plates on a semi regular basis when I can’t be ar**d with dishes, it is lazy. that’s the point.”

Another asked: “Genuinely asking how does it affect your life? I mean if they’re lazy, then so be it. What do you get out of it by them being lazy?”

And someone else shared: “I get biodegradable ones and chuck them in the composter. I don’t drive, I don’t go on long haul (or even short haul) flights, I buy second hand where I can, have deliberately reduced my plastic use to about half what it was over the last year.”


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