Mum-to-be fumes at mother-in-law demands

A mum-to-be was left stunned when her mother-in-law sent her a text demanding to be “the first to hold” her upcoming baby, without even asking the expectant mum what she wanted.

The text conversation between the woman and her husband’s mum caused quite a stir online after it was shared, with many people expressing their shock on behalf of the woman.

In the surprising text exchange, the mother-in-law asked: “When are you going to have the baby?”. The mum-to-be responded: “Not sure, why?”.

The texts, shared on Instagram by @teachingmotherhood, then show the mother-in-law stating that “we”, presumably herself and her husband, want to “be there for the birth and help”. She boldly added: “We want to be the first to hold her.”

Taken aback by the woman’s audacity, the mum-to-be tried to politely suggest that she and her husband don’t want anyone else in the delivery room as they want it to be a moment for “mum, dad, and baby”.

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