‘My partner made a vile comment while I was giving birth’

A new mum was left feeling “humiliated” after her partner made a nasty comment about her during labour. She was giving birth to their first child when he remarked on her smell, leaving her embarrassed and questioning their relationship.

The woman, who referred to her partner as “Todd”, shared her story with Kidspot. She was in the process of giving birth naturally, expecting Todd to be there for support.

However, things took a turn for the worse when he moved to the end of the bed to witness the birth. She was puzzled when Todd stepped back and covered his nose with his T-shirt.

When she asked if there was a problem, he responded: “You smell down there. It’s a mess down there, it just smells so gross.”

He then said he needed “fresh air”, left the room and missed the birth of their son 15 minutes later.

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