Premier League star’s marriage ‘explodes’ after Ring doorbell exposes eight-month affair | Football | Sport

A Premier League star has reportedly been dumped by his wife after the couple’s Ring doorbell embarrassingly exposed an eight-month affair. The ‘high-flying’ footballer is said to have enjoyed a long-term romantic romp with a glamorous model behind his partner’s back but has now been made to pay the price.

According to The Mirror, the successful player, who is also an international footballer, refused to leave his wife for the woman with whom he was cheating.

In reaction, the model – almost 10 years older than the two-timing talent – is said to have revealed all to his wife and pointed at their Ring doorbell when proof was demanded.

The popular piece of household technology placed at the front of the couple’s multi-million pound home then unveiled the truth, which the report claims exploded their marriage.

The affair, which lasted almost a year, is claimed to have started when the Premier League star found the model on social media and liked what he saw.

He then is said to have messaged her and started inviting her to nights out, and they gradually spent more time together, which unravelled into a secret relationship.

Their affair was reportedly rocked by unkept promises made by the player, sparking his model fling’s decision to come clean with his wife.

The report adds that he immediately denied the unfaithful get-together before his wife was sent some direct messages showing what he had been sending the model over the past several months.

She was then allegedly told to check their Ring doorbell footage before seeing the scandal unfold before her very eyes and subsequently calling it quits.

The Premier League star’s new mistress reportedly boasts almost 10,000 followers across her social media platforms and regularly posts pictures from beautiful spots around the world.

He is claimed to have reacted furiously over the model’s decision to expose their affair, and the status of their relationship as a result is unknown.

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