SharePlay is coming to Apple TV, HomePods, and Bluetooth speakers

Apple’s SharePlay is expanding to include speakers in your home. Soon, the HomePod, HomePod Mini, Apple TV, and any Bluetooth speaker will work with SharePlay and Apple Music, meaning you can share control of the music in your home with friends and family. Apple’s music service is also getting Music Haptics to allow those with hearing difficulties to experience music on iPhone. Both new features were announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this week and should arrive with the tvOS and iOS updates this fall.

While the person launching the SharePlay session will need to have an Apple Music subscription, the people joining won’t. They’ll just need to bring their iPhone next to the iPhone of the subscriber or scan a QR code in the Apple Music SharePlay window. Once approved, they can then control what’s playing on the HomePod, Apple TV, or Bluetooth speaker and add tracks to the playlist through the Apple Music app.

Apple says Music Haptics will work across millions of songs in the Apple Music catalog and will also be available as an API so developers can add the feature to their apps. It is scheduled to arrive this fall with iOS 18.

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