The best bar in the UK is ‘absolutely incredible’ – full list of locations

There are hot spots in Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Glasgow, but most of the awards have been given to establishments in the UK’s capital city, London.

Topping the list, however, in the number one spot for alcoholic beverages in all of the UK is Schofield’s Bar in Manchester city centre.

The green and red bar front in Little Quay Street opened its doors in 2021, and has been a huge hit with people ever since because of the excellent customer service and cocktails.

Jmw85 posted to TripAdvisor: “We were immediately acknowledged as soon as we walked in the door by Tom, who was being a super multi-tasker behind the bar.

“Within just two minutes we were greeted and seated by Liza who took our order; we ordered a different cocktail each and they arrived in no time. All were delicious.”

He added: “The service level is spot on. Super professional but not clinical, efficient but not rushed, super friendly and attentive but not overbearing. I was just blown away with the service level.”

Another, RossInspects, said: “This place is incredible. Absolutely everything warrants five stars. Every single staff member smiles and acknowledges you. That for me is just exceptional.

“The service is attentive, looking after you with water and the waitress even kept my mates drink in the chiller whilst he was in the loo.”

In London, the best cocktail bar belongs to the East End establishment that is ideal for date nights.

Satan Whiskers in Bethnal Green, London, first opened its doors in 2013 and has built up a reputation for its superb drink offerings that are top-notch.

With candle lights on the small tables, in the dimly lit bar, it’s the ideal place to get cosy with somebody special.

One reviewer on TripAdvisor, RPH81 said: “A great experience! The menu is terrific and changes daily.”

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