The witch is back in Agatha All Along’s first trailer

The months Marvel spent trotting out new names for Agatha All Along made it hard to get a read on what to expect from the studio’s first WandaVision spinoff, but it seems like a promising horror turn from the looks of its first trailer.

Though WandaVision’s finale made it seem as if Agatha Harkness might be left in a nightmare sitcom of her own, Agatha All Along’s new trailer reveals that she’s been stuck in a Mare of Easttown-style crime drama, believing herself to be a detective hunting down a killer. Interestingly, considering the events of Multiverse of Madness, Wanda Maximoff’s name appears briefly in Agatha’s false reality before she meets Rio Vidal (Aubrey Plaza) — a new witch who encourages her to break free from the illusion. But as unclear as it is whether Wanda’s still out there somewhere, the trailer makes clear that Agatha’s lost her magic and will need the help of an entire coven to get it back.

Compared to WandaVision, Agatha All Along seems on track to be a darker, more horror-oriented kind of Marvel project, which could make it one of the studio’s more novel recent entries. But trailers — like glamours — can be deceiving, and we won’t know what Agatha All Along has up its sleeve until the show debuts on September 18th.

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