Ukraine guns down supersonic Russian bomber in guided precision missile strike | World | News

In a significant development on the eastern front, the Ukrainian Air Force successfully deployed anti-aircraft guided missiles, resulting in the downing of a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber.

The incident occurred on March 2, as confirmed by Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, Ukraine‘s Air Force Commander, through a statement on Telegram.

Lt. Gen. Oleshchuk expressed the ongoing challenges faced by Ukrainian forces on the eastern front, stating: “The enemy continues to attack on the eastern front using guided bombs dropped from tactical aircraft.

“Just now, there has been a combat use of anti-aircraft guided missiles against two enemy aircraft, a Su-34 and a Su-35.

“We await confirmation of the desired outcome!”

Later on, Oleshchuk provided an update on the operation, clarifying that only the Su-34 aircraft had been successfully downed.

He wrote: “Regarding the operation I reported about an hour ago, the Skhid (East) Air Command has confirmed that a Su-34 fighter-bomber aircraft was destroyed.

“Unfortunately, the Su-34 alone. We are continuing to defeat the occupiers!”

This incident follows a similar success on March 1, where the Ukrainian Air Force shot down a Russian Su-34 attempting to strike Ukrainian positions with guided bombs on the eastern front.

The Ukrainian Defence Ministry has previously reported that 13 Russian aircraft were successfully shot down in February 2024, showcasing the continued effectiveness of Ukraine‘s air defence capabilities.

The precise and strategic deployment of anti-aircraft guided missiles highlights Ukraine‘s commitment to countering Russian aggression and protecting its sovereignty.

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