Ukraine issued warning as Joe Biden’s £47 billion military aid to be ‘used within year’ | World | News

Mr Drummond said: “It is very hard to answer… it would certainly arm Ukraine for six months… part of the issue here is not what we are providing to Ukraine, but what China is providing to Russia.”

He explained further: “We really have not provided very much aid in the general scheme of things. We have given them little bits here and there, although the aid package is very significant because it allows the Ukrainians to engage actively against the Russian forces.

“What the war has done is make the NATO armed forces commence a process of rearming so they can prepare their armed forces for war.

“We are seeing that across the alliance – except for the UK by the way. We have been lamentably slow here. The Government deserves to lose the election based on its defence record.

“We are all ramping up production and that will enable us to feed Ukraine into the future. Ukraine wins just by stopping Russian progress.”

Ukraine has started using US weapons to strike inside Russia in recent days, a US senator and a Western official said this week.

The weapons were used under recently approved guidance from President Biden allowing American arms to be used to hit targets inside Russia.

Biden’s directive allows for US-supplied weapons to be used to strike Russian forces that are attacking or preparing to attack.

It does not change US policy that directs Ukraine not to use American-provided ATACMS or long-range missiles and other munitions to strike offensively inside Russia, US officials have said.

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