Warning to Brits as Spanish beach closed after flushed wet wipes cause sewage spill | World | News

Amador Beach in El Campello, on Spain‘s Costa Blanca, has been closed after wet wipes clogged the sewage system, causing a sewage spill. The closure is expected to last until at least Friday.

Improper disposal of wet wipes led to the blockage of two sewage pumps at a nearby treatment plant.

This prompted a precautionary closure of the beach to prevent any contamination of the sea.

Efforts to address the issue involved clearing the area of contaminated water and repairing the damaged pumps.

However, this marks the second incident of sewage system blockage in recent weeks, highlighting the recurring problem caused by improper waste disposal.

Local authorities stress the importance of not flushing items like wipes down toilets, as they can lead to such issues.

Responsible waste management is crucial to protecting coastal environments and ensuring the safety of recreational areas for residents and visitors.

El Campello council said: “It is impossible to know which homes are dumping such materials.”

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