Brits warned as Canary Islands vow to bring in major rule for bars and restaurants | World | News


A Spanish holiday destination beloved by Brits is set to bring in major rules that will affect bars and restaurants.

The Canary Islands is proposing significant changes to smoking regulations to ban it in bar and restaurant terraces, bus stops, outdoor sports areas and entrances to schools and healthcare facilities. 

The proposals will be presented to the Interterritorial Health Council where regional authorities will discuss a new plan against smoking with the Ministry of Health.

Smoke-free spaces will be made with delineations to protect people from passive smoking and to convey an anti-smoking message.

They are also aiming to tighten restrictions on vaping, proposing the banning of single-use vapes due to environmental concerns over their non-biodegradable components.

The Canary Islands is also advocating for restrictions on the sale and advertising of nicotine-releasing electronic devices, even those without nicotine, to prevent encouraging youths into tobacco use.

There is also a proposal to introduce generic cigarette packaging and remove brand logos. The government has requested updated data on its implementation in countries like the UK, with industry representatives in the region expressing concerns about potential job losses.

There is a European consensus to adopt more stringent measures on smoking and vaping due to their negative impact on the environment.

Minister of Health for Spain, Mónica García, announced the long-stalled plans in December of last year.

She said: “We will review cases individually, always prioritizing health. We cannot turn our backs on the single measure that can contribute the most years of life and improved quality of life to the population.”

The newly appointed Secretary of State for Health, Javier Padilla, said: “Conventional vaping devices must indeed be brought into the legislative framework, but on par with what would apply to other tobacco-derived products.”


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