Crucial rules to grow lavender include exact place to plant it – or it will wither and die

Find direct sunlight 

While lavender can be grown inside, it prefers to be planted outside, according to HGTV. The plant needs about 6 hours of direct sunlight a day to grow, so if you choose to plant it inside, be sure to keep it in a sunny spot. 

You should plant lavender in the spring after your area has seen its last frost. It grows fastest in the heat, so late spring, early summer is a good time to plant. 

Prep your soil

It needs well draining soil that is slightly alkaline as well. Good drainage is important for lavender because the plant is prone to root rot, HGTV said. 

One way to combat this is planting lavender into raised mounts, about 12 to 24 inches tall. That helps water to drain quickly in soil types that don’t drain well. 

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Give them space

Lavender plants need space to grow, as they don’t like being overcrowded. They grow pretty tall, so be sure to space them far apart to allow air to circulate through them once they’re sprouted. 

It’s important to prune the tips lightly as they start to grow. It actually encourages the plant to branch more. 

When to harvest

The plant will provide its deep purple flowers in the summer, so that’s a good time to harvest. They usually achieve their peak bloom after the third growing year. 

Just grab a bunch in your hand and cut the stems with scissors or pruners. 

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